British Society of Catalunya EmpordÀ Association



Membership fees have now changed and the 'Revista' is issued primarily as an electronic version. If a member prefers this version, membership costs 15 Euros. A printed version for those who have no email address will be sent.(as it has appeared up to now) is required, membership costs 20 Euros.
Membership fees are valid to December 31 2018 and cover one or two people.

It is now possible to file membership application by email, and pay by bank transfer - if you have no email address/computer you will not be able to do this from home, nor will you be able to receive the electronic version. If you want to pay by transfer by going to your bank, send the webmaster an e-mail.

Click here to apply online.

The alternative is to print out this form, complete it and send it in with the subscription. Address below.
To print it, click anywhere on the form, then right-click on it, select 'Print'.
On the pop-up window,  select your printer and click on the 'Print' button.

First Name(s)  
(First) Name(s) of spouse/partner  
Street and number  
Post code & Country  
Amount enclosed 
(see below for details)        
Euros  15.00/20.00 for one year

Indicate, by circling the 15 or 20 Euros (PDF or Printed), which version is required.
Please complete the form and send it to: Barbara Hanson, c/ dels Cossis 49, 17130 l'Escala, Spain
Cheques should be drawn on a Spanish bank, in Euros, and made payable to
British Society of Catalunya Emporda