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Members who wish to make suggestions as to what they would like to see on these pages are
very welcome to send them to the webmaster whose e-mail address can be found below.
The present selection is purely arbitrary and can be changed at quite short notice.

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You can find the following on this page:
Heart Attack Symptoms,
Stroke Symptoms,
Heimlich maneuver and
CPR - Cardiopulmonary respiration
Call waiting - Enable and Disable

Residencia Information

Read the following carefully before you start; there are two ways of getting your forms, Route 1 and Route 2, below.
Route 1
To get your Application Form for your new Certificate of Residence, click on the URL below:
Arriving there, look for the following and click on them:
on the left-hand side -> 'Extranjeria'
then, on the right-hand side -> 'Ciudadanos de la Union Europea'
then, -> 'Expedicion y vigencia del certificado y de la targeta de residencia'
Now jump over Route 2 to the "Continue"

Route 2
It is possible to get this far by entering the following on your browser; copy it and paste it:

then, on the left-hand side near the top, click on the 'modelos oficiales (EX-18 y EX-19)'
Arriving there, page down until you see the two PDFs EX-18 and EX-19. Download whichever is necessary.
Complete the form on the screen of your computer and save it. You can print it out twice, since a copy is needed, and perhaps print a copy for your files.
One used not to be able to save the form but these days it is possible and it's good to have an archived copy.
To use the .PDF file which you will get, you need the Adobe Reader program. Download it free from:
Get a Google map of where to go in Girona for the Policia National.
NOTE that the office you need has moved from its old position to this new one.
Commisariat de Policia at Av.Jaume 1, No17. Link to Policia National Map

INSS - Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social - CATALUNYA
c/ de Sta. Eugènia 40 bajo, Phone 972 41 27 84
Passeig Nou 2, Phone 972 50 03 65
Girona 12A, Phone 972 33 10 24
Avgda. Prat de la Riba 25, Phone 972 64 00 86
Passeig Barcelona s/n, Phone 972 26 01 84
Avgda. de Lanós 19, Phone 972 14 08 16
Macià Bonaplata 8, Phone 972 70 01 68
Major 10-12, Phone 972 32 01 44
Mn. Cinto Verdaguer 27, Phone 972 84 11 98
For other areas: Then, on the page, look for "Estadisticas e Informes". Select "Publicaciones" and then "Por orden alfabético". On the following page select "Oficinas del INSS". The list is a .PDF file, arranged by area. Look for your area and enlarge the view until you can see your town or nearest INSS office.

Heart Attack Symptoms
Click here to see a BUPA page and other helpful information

Stroke Symptoms
Click here to see an American web page and other helpful information.

Heimlich Maneuver

Cardiopulmonary Respiration Click this link to get St John's Ambulance advice.

Call Waiting
Enable - Lift receiver and dial *43#
Disable - Lift receiver and dial #43#

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