British Society of Catalunya EmpordÀ Association


About Us

The British Society of Catalunya, Emporda Branch is an offshoot of the Society which was founded in Barcelona. Since most of the members live two hours or more from Barcelona by car or bus or train, the Emporda members, when they became a group of 30 or so, suggested to their parent branch that they should found their own branch, based around l'Escala. The 'Costa Brava' group was founded in l'Escala in the late 1980s, under the chairmanship of Frank Waite, under the auspices of the Barcelona group. The first Committee meeting was on October 23, 1989 and the first AGM on October 12, 1990.

The Emporda group continued to grow and next suggested that they should run their own finances, and subsequently, this was realised too.
The aims of the Association, broadly, are: to foster a community spirit, to help newcomers to the area, to provide channels of communication among the British community, to promote understanding and mutual respect between the British and Spanish people and to engage in charitable activities within the financial possibilities of the Association.

The members are, in part, expatriate Britons who live in Spain throughout the year, and also Britons who live in Spain for a part of the year. The Articles provide for Full and Associate Members. Members will normally be British residents of Spain or Andorra, but the Executive Committee is entitled to agree to accept other persons.
The British Society of Catalunya, Emporda Branch, is still centered around l'Escala, and draws members (196 at the end of December 2016) from a wide area stretching from Palamos to Rosas (where there is another branch of the B.S.C.E.), and even into southern France. L'Escala is about 160 kilometers (100 miles) north east of Barcelona, along the Mediterranean coast in the Province of Girona in Spain's northeast corner.

The Province's main town is Girona. Catalunya is the source of a major part of Spain's gross national product and is an important center of industry and agriculture. It has a mild climate, being relatively cool in winter and not excessively hot in summer. Under the influence of the Pyrenees on the border between Spain and France, the area has much more rain than other areas of the country. It should be noted that 'Catalunya' extends into southernmost France. For example, leaving Perpignan, the 'leaving' sign shows two versions: French 'Perpignan' and Catalan 'Perpinya'.